Multifilament Line


  1. This policy statement has no application to record claims.
  2. Definitions in this policy statement:

"Multifilament line" means any line which is not monofilament or Dacron and includes spider wire and gel spun lines.

"Competition" includes any open tournament or pointscore competition.

"Committee" means the tournament committee or, if there is no tournament committee, the committee of the club running the tournament or pointscore competition or any subcommittee having delegated authority.

"Prize"includes any trophy, prize (cash or goods) or points in any pointscore competition.

  1. Application of policy

If an angler submits a capture/tag & release in any competition that has been taken on multifilament line the committee may at its absolute discretion;

(a) accept the capture/tag & release; or

(b) resolve that the line must be tested

If the committee resolves that the line be tested the following provisions shall apply to the competition:

(a) if the capture/tag & release qualifies for any prize, that prize shall be provisional only and shall be withheld pending the result of the line test:

(b) a sample of line shall be taken and prepared in the same manner as a sample required for a record claim and sent to the New South Wales Records Officer within fourteen (14) days. If the sample is not received by the

NSW Records Officer within fourteen (14) days the line will not be tested and the capture will be deemed to have been accepted.

(c) If the line sample is received within fourteen (14) days the New South Wales Records Officer shall with all due dispatch forward the line sample for testing in accordance with the usual procedure laid down for testing record claims;

(d) If the line sample breaks under the prescribed line class, the committee will affirm the tournament results and award the prize. If the line breaks over the prescribed line class the capture/tag & release will be disqualified.

(e) In the event the capture submitted is also the subject of a New South Wales, Australian or World record claim a separate line sample to that submitted with the claim will be taken and submitted to the New South Wales Records Officer in accordance with the above procedure. 

All Record claims where a top shot is used and attached to the backing both the top shot and backing will be tested to determine which is the heavier and that will be the line class determined for the record claim.

To this end both the top shot line and the backing will be required to be submitted with the claim.

This will involve the usual 16m of the line attached to the terminal tackle as well as 16m of the backing including 1m of the top shot still attached to the backing.

 As two (2) line tests are required there will be the usual fee of $35.00 (Inc. GST plus an extra claim fee applicable which has been determined at $25.00.

This means a total of $60.00 (Inc. GST) for this type of claim. The payment is to be made out to NSWGFA Inc.

(f) The cost of the test shall be borne by the angler.

  1. This policy shall remain in force until the New South Wales Game Fishing Association Executive determines that it appears that, generally, multifilament lines are breaking within the prescribed line class.
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