2023 All Ports Tournament

02 March 2023

All Ports Tournament

Dates: 4th to 5th March 2023

Below are links that take you to the NSWGFA  All Ports page - please reply to the facebook page , all boats must have completed this process to fish the tournament.

2023 All Ports Angler Register

2023 All Ports Boat List 

2023 All Ports Angler List

The Angler Register and Team List will also need to be checked any spelling errors etc, no angler changes or boat changes. see links below
Please disregard Presentation Tickets & Tournaments on Anglers Register these are generic forms




Grid Maps, you are to use the grid maps from the port you are fishing from. Grid maps are available on club websites electronically.
Marine Park permit– click on the link below.


Weigh station: Copies of Tag cards and capture certificates are to be sent to your chief judge, they will then forward the information onto the head office for point score calculation, (Weigh station in Central zone waters are to complete the excel spreadsheet and forward to Craig). This needs to be done ASAP by each weigh station so an accurate tally can be issued to all competitors.

All point scores will be provisional.

PROTESTS – any protest relative to a capture or tag & release must be submitted in writing by the Boat Captain to the Zone chairperson. Protests MUST be lodged no later than 9.00 pm on the day of the incident concerned except last day which is 6pm. Note: the tournament committee has the right to act on any breach of any tournament rule whether a protest is lodged.

REQUEST FOR RECONSIDERATION of a penalty imposed by the Tournament Committee must be submitted in writing by the Boat Captain to the Tournament Secretary no later than 8.00 pm on the day following the incident concerned.

COMMUNICATIONS – radio schedules will be conducted as per the NSWGFA adopted “Guidelines for Radio Scheds” as are in affect at the time. Each zone will operate their own sked, depending on the port you fish from will determine the skeds you will be using. Radio Schedules will be conducted every TWO hours.

  • Boats fishing out Coffs Harbour will hold their own radio scheds, Same as Port Macquarie. 
  • Boats fishing out of  Lake Macquarie will need to log on with Marine Rescues Lake Macquarie
  • Boats fishing Sydney - Grahame & Craig will conducting the scheds.
  • Jervis Bay to Ulladulla - Dave Fenech will conducting the scheds.
  • Batemans Bay to Bermagui will be Brian Schofield on board Shockwave.

Competitors are requested to advise “Radio Base” of the number of persons on board when they sign on by answering the first schedule. Boats will be called in numerical order, regardless of type of radio they have, and the Base will acknowledge each reply by repeating the report on both frequencies so that all competitors will be aware of all reports. Boats are to report on each schedule as follows: (i) Boat Number; (ii) Boat Name; (iii) Position (using grid map references); (iv) whether Trolling, Drifting or Anchored; (v) Accurate Fishing Report using the “000” system, i.e., Strikes, Hook-ups, Captures. If possible, boats are to give Species for Strikes and Hook-ups which are not landed. All boats are to report on every schedule. In the interests of safety, communication on each schedule is compulsory.

Download Marine Park Permit
Download 2023 All Ports Tournament Rules
Download Angler List
Download Boat List
Download Anlger Register
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